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Hi, all. While reading through all of the session proposals submitted to date, one of THATCamp OSU’s organizers decided it might be fun and (OK, this next descriptor might be a stretch) heuristically valuable to create a Wordle from all of the session proposals (titles + text):

Wordle drawn from session proposals

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  1. Cathy Ryan says:

    Today’s sessions were well conceived, organized, and enthusiastically supported by attendees. One measure of how wrapped up I became in the sessions from the opening scheduling talk was that I’d planned to film our proceedings with a flip camera. It didn’t occur to me that I’d forgotten until late day! Among some of the bests tips I discovered during the day: OSU Archivists put burlesque dancer cards up on Flickr (true story); the University of Illinois has students use materials from their knowledge repository to develop campus-based “Ideals” projects; Sondra Enimil, a new hire with the Library staff, specializes in copyright issues; and from Cynthia Callahan’s (faculty on the Mansfield campus; who graciously shared a session with me) work with VoiceThread and Camtasia to Dickie Selfe’s interactions on the Hilltop (Columbus) and in working toward a National Archive for Digital Storytelling–there are a great many interesting projects underway on Ohio State’s campus across the Humanities. THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the day a success. . .

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