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You’ve Gotta See This

What’s the best DH project you know?  How do you talk about how great it is?  What comes after “that’s cool”?  Let’s find out what really moves us, and how to get more of it.  Share some links and conversation … Continue reading

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Collaborative Context: the CIC Digital Humanities Summit – a working session

The CIC Digital Humanities Summit is being held the week before OSU THATCamp and a few of us will be attending both events.  The purpose of the Summit is to form a stronger CIC faculty community and networks in digital … Continue reading

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Collaboration (resources and session ideas)

[I’ve had this post in the works for a couple of days now, and Blake Wilder beat me to the punch with an interesting session proposal. I hope the thoughts and links below will inform his and other sessions. –Melanie] … Continue reading

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Collaborative Creation – a “writing” panel

I’ve been using both iMovie and prezi as platforms for composition assignments in my classes. I’m wondering if we could get a a group together and collectively compose some short project in one of these platforms. Obviously there would be … Continue reading

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